Monday, June 19, 2006

If you're going to stuff up...

do it with style, I say.

Here is my demonstration of how to look chic when your fruit and vege are hanging around your ankles.

1. Wear a fabulous cardigan (thanks to the lovely Jordana and her even more lovely Starsky).
2. Place a look on your face that says 'oh look, there's those organic Vanilla beans that would be just fabulous in tonight's Creme Brulee that I'm going to whip up for a party of 10! Hurrah!'
3. Ignore daggy 70's wallpaper that the landlords', in their wisdom, decided not to paint when they painted the entire house.

And look how the progress goes on Vanille. Quite stunning, don't you think? I especially like the drape.

So here we have a wonderful example of 'TV Knitting' (otherwise known as 'I should have stopped knitting about 5 inches ago but was too engrossed in whatever was flicking in front on my eyes'). And also, a wonderful example of 'The Boyfriend Sweater Curse: The Husband Edition' (otherwise known as 'trust your instincts; when you think it is not going to fit don't keep knitting' and also 'didn't you learn anything from The Monster Jumper?')


Blogger knitabulous said...

That bag is so funny. My aunt did exactly the same thing in the 70's on a bus trip to Flemington Markets. She was about 16 and was so chuffed at her cool crocheted bag, but she had to keep winding it over and over her shoulder all day while it grew and grew and the contents were swinging around her ankles. The story still cracks us up at family bbq's even now.
Yours made me smile too.

9:55 pm

Anonymous susan said...

I'm soooo sorry but I just about wet myself laughing when I saw the pic of your bag. I think it's so funny because we've all done it at least once.

10:58 am


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