Monday, June 26, 2006

It's an invasion

Ann & Kay have a lot to answer for.
I'm talking the Dishcloth Invasion of 2006, all started with a small little book called Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have yet to see it, but I am intrigued by the thought of knitting a dishcloth. And why is it so addicting?

I must admit, the thought of using a knitted dishcloth to wash my dishes invokes images of mucky, disgusting, germ central. Is it like that? It makes me squirm. We joke at our fortnightly knitting group about making them, yet they seem to be EVERYWHERE and suddenly the coolest things to knit. Heck, there's even a whole KAL for it (well not just for it, but check the amount of people in this KAL, and the overwhelming amount of Dishcloths! An invasion!) And here!


Enlighten me people, this is one fad that I just don't get.

Anyways, onto last posts disasters - now a frogged and reworked (and STILL A BIT LONG - AAAAHHHHHH) bag. I think the handle is too big, I knitted it fairly short, obviously not short enough. Thankfully it's a quick fix, one I might do if I get tired of having a knot on my shoulder where I have shortened it.

And Vanille, up to ball #2, almost back to where I was. I won't know if it's going to be too small until I put the armholes on scrap yarn (it's a top down knit, LOVE YOU TOP DOWN) so keep everything crossed for me.

Yesterday I was perusing K-Mart (as people with kids know, K-Mart is your best friend for clothing your children that seem to grow weekly. Hello! Cheap!) I saw the K-Mart 100% wool that was on sale a month or 2 ago. And you know what? Pretty soft, and I'm thinking it might work a treat for the very cute Tomten as seen here done by Abi, so so cute. And a stash buster project in the form of a hot water bottle cozy for Little Man's bed. He's usually a big lump of molten lava - that boy is so hot, but I do feel for him getting into a cold bed everynight as I jump into my electric blanket warmed one. So a cozy it is, just gotta decide on the yarn and off we go.

Ok, off to check that cotton in my stash and see if it would work for a dishcloth....


Blogger Gina L said...

I agree with you on knitted dish clothes. Soggy, food stained, germ infested hand knitted dish clothes? No thank you! I throw away my kitchen sponges each week. They are cheap why not? However, I do like the other patterns in the Mason- Dixon book. I have made one baby kimono and I am on my second. I have one burp cloth done and I plan to make more. I contemplated the value of a knitted burp cloth and decided that the soft colorful clothes could be an attractive item to throw over your shoulder.

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