Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sometimes you just shouldn't leave home

I knew there was a reason that I drive everywhere. Public transport has it in for me.
In my job I have no need to get on public transport. I work odd hours, and it would cost me just as much on PT it as it does to drive it. But today, the first time since I have lived in this house, I caught a train from the local station.
I was off to SSK in Newtown with Julie and on a Saturday I would be a FOOL to try in park in Newtown (for the people not in Sydney, Newtown is inner city, trendy, cafe, uni student central) so the train seemed the way to go. So I drove to the station, hopped on the train and we alighted at another station to change trains. All would be well with this plan... if there wasn't track works going on which meant catching a replacement bus.
Of course, there was a accident holding all the buses up.

So we EVENTUALLY get to SSK at 3pm (it starts at 2pm). I cast on for Fetching (I must say I am a bit feh about the new Knitty. It's not blowing my hair back as my friend would say).
Well, I got as far as casting on.... then ripping back cause I didn't read far enough into the pattern where it said 'do 4x1 rib for 4 rows' and instead did the first row as st st... and I must have been shaken from being on PT as my brain interpreted it as '1x1 rib' so I got 3 rows in and gave up. (I did, however, make a bit of progress on Vanille, and I THINK IT MIGHT BE BIG ENOUGH WOOHOO).

So at about 4pm we left and I had to make the decision to get the replacement bus to Central (only one stop on the bus, but a further journey on the train) or back to where we had alighted earlier on. I choose the latter, stood at the stop for about 5 mins, and decided that maybe the other stop (on the other side of the road) might get a bus at the stop quicker. So I crossed the road... and watched two buses arrive at the stop I had just left. Another 5 mins on and I decided that I might go back to the stop I originally started at (can you tell I was rocked by indecision today?). As I arrive at the other stop, a bus stops at the other bus stop. Finally another bus comes, I was lucky enough to be standing at the stop it arrived at and everything!

I get to the station, and my train? Oh it's going to be delayed. I might call home and tell DH what's going on. Well, will you look at that, my phone is flat.

So, enough of my whining. As previously mentioned I am moving along on Vanille. Onto the 4th ball, so past the previous place where I realised that it was too small and had to start again end point. And I have cast on for Fetching, using the yarn my lovely SP Lucia sent me, Handpainted yarn in Fire Engine. No more progress on Tomten (I am getting the evil eye from DH when I pick it up. He doesn't understand the need to have multiple projects on the go. He thinks that if I do I might never finish Vanille. He may have a point.) And nothing doing on the KSH jumper from 1000 sweaters. I will be patient and wait till I have finished at least one of my projects.


Anonymous JulieB said...

Oh, Taryn! I should have stayed with you to help with the decision. At least you got home OK eventually :) Fetching will happen eventually I'm sure.

10:34 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

too funny - we are linked you know. I cast on for fetching and got quite a ways along but it didn't look right. So last night I frogged it. Then reading your post (cause I had forgotten the name of the knit)I read about you doing the 1 x 1 instead of the 4 x 1.....BING! Light bulb moment. I check out the name of the knit = fetching. LOL. That's why it didn't look right!

9:32 am

Anonymous michelle said...

i catch the train and bus every day to work. i'm knitting a scarf on the train and bus. ppl stare at you sometimes. i use circular needles so that i wont poke the ppl sitting next to me. hehe.

back at home i'll knit something else. anyway, even if the trains or buses are delayed, i wouldn't whine much as i'll get more knitting done?? haha!!

1:17 pm

Blogger knitabulous said...

I don't do public transport either, even the streets of Newtown wouldn't have put me off. Still, there's no harm proving the reason for the aversion every now and again, is there?

4:58 pm

Blogger jussi said...

are we fated never to meet?? I had a migraine for the first time in ages...darn darn darn.
Hope you had a good time - the SSKers are nice non?

10:42 pm


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