Monday, July 03, 2006

There's a reason why it's called crack...

I am addicted to it.
I'm talking about that damn Crack Silk Haze.

It all started with a purchase (or two) made on eBay almost 4 years ago. Just a little bit, I said. It won't hurt a bit.
Then I got the package from Cucumber Patch (and can I say, fantastic service). Just a couple of balls.
I had to have more.

A week later, and 6 balls were in my possession. I snuggled it, petted it. Placed it carefully in the cupboard (these were the days that my stash was teeny and my fabric took up more room than the yarn) (this coming from someone who can't sew).
There it stayed until late last year, when I spotted the delectable Butterfly.
I had to knit it NOW.

So I started, and then started again and then once more for good measure.
I cursed that heathen yarn, I wished to bury it away, yet I HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING WITH IT.

So then, lookey! A new pattern! Butterfly who? I want Rufflette!
Did we get past the swatch? That would be a big fat NO! It's still sitting here on my desk.

Looking through my 1000 Sweaters book the other night (and then later on dreaming about it, yes I am tragic) I realised that the jumper on the front looks like it was knitted in The Haze...



Blogger Beak-Knits said...

I do that too...I find the perfect yarn...but then can never find a pattern good enough for it.

1:40 am


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