Monday, October 03, 2005

Four meals and a wedding

And thankfully no funerals...

It all started on Saturday night. The Groom and Best Men (yes two of them) were staying here on the eve before the Grooms wedding. So we order some takeaway (Thai) and settle in for a night of calming Grooms' nerves and watching a bit of tv (Best Man number 1 chooses motogp - oh yay for me).
About 10.30 I'm feeling pretty tired so I toddle off to bed, thinking I also feel a bit queasy. DH (Best Man number 2) comes in about 1/2 hr later saying, 'hmmm, I feel a bit queasy too"...

2 hours later we find out the cause of said queasiness - food poisoning. Cue many trips to the toilet throughout the night clutching stomachs and moaning.

7 hours (and no sleep) later, we get up to find we are still really under the weather. But we will soldier on, we must (and more importantly DH must) be there for the Groom. Thankfully Best Man number 1 and Groom are unaffected (thoughts of what Bride might do if he weren't swim through my foggy head and it ain't pretty). With nothing but a slice of dry toast to keep us going, we get ourselves going and drive off to the ceremony in the 30C heat (black suits + hot weather + food poisoning = disaster).

Half way through ceremony, DH unceremoniously runs off himself to expel contents of his stomach... Needless to say, we never made it to the reception.

Today we find out that Best Man number 1 was visiting the toilet in much the same manner as we did a few hours after the reception.

I think I might burn that Thai food menu.

On to more pleasant thoughts, I'm chugging away on the Opal socks, just doing a basic pattern since I haven't used Opal before and wanted to see it without any other fanciness to distract from the pattern.

Wendy has come up trumps with her fab Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater.It solves all my problems about what to make for Little Man - I might do it in a wool/cotton blend so he can take it away with us on our holiday in Europe. But then, I still have to make the decision about what type of yarn and ALSO what colour. Eee gads, that kind of hard thinking will take me almost a week.

I'm also loving the gorgeous new knits over at Glampyre especially the red one, the third one and the yummy chunky cable green one. I hope she puts patterns up for them before I find MORE things I want to knit (does it ever end?) (and would I be happy if it did?)


Blogger celia said...

Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Hope you are better now.

On a more selfish note, can you tell me which Thai restaurant this was please? I want to make sure we don't eat there!


12:22 am

Blogger Lynne said...

Crikey! What a great time to get food poisoning! Hope you are better now. And I hear it has been warm in Sydney - 36 on Monday? Ick! Melbourne's 23 felt very pleasant.

8:47 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Always order stirfry at an untried, untested Thai restaurant. Who knows what grows in those bain maries, especially in summer-type warmth.
Food poisoning is funny, how it puts you off whatever poisoned you. For me it was a sausage empanada in the Philippines... thinking back I can't even believe I considered ingesting such an item in a region known for its home-made sausages and lack of electricity...
oh well, at least the wedding wasn't completely ruined for everyone!

3:37 pm


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