Saturday, October 08, 2005

Because I'm worth it

Crap week at work = new set of Denise needles.

Too much work and not enough knitting makes for unhappy Taryn, so this morning after searching all over for another circular I bit the bullet and got me some Denise's. Mmmmmm, feel that snap in, circular, interchangeable goodness.

So now I can crack on with Wendy's School Spirit Sweater for Little Man - I picked up some Katia Diana at a bargain price of $2.99 a ball (sometimes Lincraft comes up with the goods, even if they do come in a tangled mess).

One of the places I stopped at today was a fairly new LYS that Celia told me about, oooooh it was so purty. I flicked through Rowan Mag 37 while I was there and fell in love with version 2 of this, isn't it just gorgeous? I love you Ms Rowan, even if you do send me broke. Luckily all I would have to do if I decide to knit it is buy the mag as I already have COUNTLESS (um, about 9) balls of Kid Silk Haze just sitting about being petted, er I mean doing nothing. And the yarn in the store, OMG SO nice. They even have their own line, which was so DIVINE I could have snapped up half a dozen balls right there and then. But after the $85 set of Denise's, I think I had done my dash for the day. They even have a knitting morning there every other Saturday - YAY!! other knitters!! In real life and all!!

...maybe next week...

The socks are coming along great, just past the heel shaping now (I took this pic a few days ago), it's looking good.

So all in all I'm feeling a bit better now about doing stuff, I seem to have made it out of my Pattern Confusion rut, maybe all I needed was a whole week of thinking time, uh I mean work.


Blogger knitabulous said...

Ah yes I too have been in love with Butterfly since I saw the one on - scroll right down past all her other gorgeous knitting to see her caramel butterfly.

I hope you do knit it, I'd love to see it.

12:26 am

Blogger Pamela Lee said...

Hi Taryn,

If the Denise Interchangeables don't work out for your project for some reason, I found some 4.25mm 100cm Tulip bamboo circulars at the large yarn and tapestry store in the CBD recently. They were a bit pricey at $14.60, but at least they're finally allowing me to get the correct tension for the lace shawl I want to knit -- for reasons I don't quite understand, my tension is way too tight when I knit lace, even though it is generally just fine for most other knitting.

Hope to see you again at the fairly new LYS soon. :)


12:00 pm

Blogger celia said...

Hi Taryn! So you DiD go to R&L. I hope you had fun. I was realy disappointed that I could not be here, but we had a day up at the Hunter Valley. We came back with about half a dozen bottles of wine. One's already been drunk!


7:34 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

She's armed and ready for any project requiring circulars now!
Can you show us a pic of the inside of the DI box? I am uninitiated...(oh, a step by step photographic how-to? A day in the life of DI and Fuzzy Orange Bear? No? too much? oh well....)
I saw that Katia on sale in our Lincraft and didn't buy any - had stash guilt- and didn't have a project in mind, me thinks me will be kicking meself.......
Speaking of stash guilt, haven't taken the plunge yet for the Noro SG...hoping to buy Coldplay tickets! so. I can justify it IF I don't get the tickets!

6:55 am

Anonymous rachel said...

Good for you!!! You're going to love that denise needle set!

3:20 am

Anonymous Donyale said...

Please divulge location of fairly new LYS for all us others in need of a hit!

12:18 pm


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