Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am still untangeling yarn.

I am still procrastinating/agonising over what to knit next.

I still haven't figured out how to dye it so it self stripes (one big long skein or 3 little ones?)



What is not still is my shiney new iBook and iPod Nano (the nano is actually for DH but I'll say it's mine).

You see, I NEED it, really I do.

When I work away from home, how do I get emails? Accompanied with my iSight I now can see DH and Little Man and they can see mummy while she bawls her eyes out cause she misses them so much (T minus 136 days till I leave for the snowy climes of Northern Italy).

So now I can sit in the lounge room, watch my favourite renovation show Changing Rooms (the English version of course, none of this AWFUL Australian stuff, blurgh) and confuse myself even more by looking at MORE PATTERNS and thinking, hmmm I could knit that, or that, or that....


Anonymous Rachel said...

What the heck!! Italy! Can i come too! =) I guess I should read back a few posts to figure out why you're going to Italy but I have to go get ready for work........ oh sorry, I'm dreaming of Italy.


ok back to reality.
Good luck untangling. I hate when that happens!

11:17 pm

Blogger celia said...

whether you get stripes depends on the width of what you are knitting

tell us what you are thinking of kntting and we can all vote!

8:22 am

Anonymous michelle said...

you got an iBook and iPod nano??? lucky girl!!!!

4:52 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh, is the Nano as skinny as it looks in the ads? I've never seen one in person!
- Tiffany

5:33 am

Anonymous 2paw said...

Dear Taryn, I saw your comment on Rachael's site about the Noro Silk Garden and the Clapotis. I am thinking about knitting the Mini Clapotis in some Silk Garden - yours looks so beautiful, it's great!! Is it scratchy to wear, or is it nice and soft??? I want to knit something for my friend too, who hates scratchy stuff!!
Thanks, Cindy

9:59 am

Blogger Taryn said...

well when i first got the silk garden i thought it was scractchy, but as i knit it up it seemed to soften up (or else i got used to it lol) by the time i was done it felt lovely. if you think it's too scratchy when you are finished you can always keep it for yourself ;)

10:25 am

Blogger Rachael said...

Taryn, can you e-mail me? (in my profile) in regards to the ordering of silk garden....another convert!

This word verification looks like a swear word in an alien langauge! "bctuzvdq"

12:51 pm


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