Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Divine Miss D

Loving the Denises'. LOVING.

Well, maybe not hugely. Don't get me wrong they are FAB. I just have one teeny tiny thing that irks me. The cord? Could be a little thinner. You know when you are used to a nice thin cord that usually is on a circular, the cord on the Denises' is a bit too thick for my liking. You have to push it a little bit more that usual. I guess cause I'm a fairly tight knitter (I have gotten better, when I was young you had to have big muscles to move those babies along the needle, now they slide nicely) the sts are hugging the cord just a tad.

But other than that, LOVING.

As you can see, Girlfriends School Spirit Sweater (for a Boyfriend called Little Man) (oh that sounds a bit saucy) (really it's very harmless) is coming along great guns, well as great guns as it can with only a half hour of knitting a day if I'm lucky. The Greatness of Denises has come into play with this knit; I found in the increasing that it was all getting a bit squishy on the 16" cord. Solution? Add some more length to the cord until I get to putting the armholes on spare yarn and then take the extra length off again when I don't need it anymore. GENIUS.

Except for one small moment when I hadn't secured my cord properly (it was being hard to twist on so I thought, 'oh, it'll be ok, it feels pretty snug'... until I pulled a little bit too hard and pulled it right off... tense moment of holding breath and threading free sts back onto cord. I tell ya, the old heart was getting a work out.
And I must say I'm also LOVING the top down design of this sweater. No seaming, easy to knit, no seaming, easy to read instructions, great design, and did I mention NO SEAMING?

And here's some Needle Porn just for Rachael.

Oh and the new LYS that I mentioned that Donyale wishes me to divulge. Rubi and Lana in Gordon. (waves to Pamela and Celia see you in a couple of weeks!)


Blogger Meg said...

oooh, that needle set is looking pretty complex! Reminds me of a friend I had in my early 20s who proudly showed me his drill bit set, he was soooo proud that he hadn't lost a single drill bit since he got that drill as a gift back in his high school wood working days. You keep an eye on all those needle bits!

2:23 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hi Taryn, Boy you have been busy!! I got some Denises for my birthday in August and I love them to distraction too!! Love to change the length cord mid project too!!! I'm a tight knitter as well and I've found that some needles don't fit together seamlessly like addis and there's a tiny tiny tiny snag where the click together bit is but not enough to make me love them less. The daysickness is pretty crap but at least I know it will pass!!:-) Stripey

8:35 pm

Blogger Rachael said...

I want me some of them....(lusty needle thoughts)....are you now a denise pusher as well as yarn/cool-aid??? I might just live out my knitting dreams vicariously thru you..ok?
Little man's jumper is da bomb. (I am trying to use that in at least one sentence today, da go girlfriend, with a "Z" snap of course)
Oh, see what working four nightshifts does to you. blah blah blah...thanks for the needle porn!

8:05 am

Anonymous Donna said...

I've got the yarn and pattern for the School Spirit Sweater too. Although for Em I need to make the biggest size. If I ever finish the shawl, I'll get started on it!

11:33 am

Blogger knitabulous said...

Hey Taryn,

please email me your postal address. There is something I need to send you. It is impossible for me to allow you to have nine balls of cracksilk haze sitting idle in your stash. do it right now - you know you want to !


10:06 am

Anonymous Donyale said...

Yes??? (She holds her breathe) - Yes? The LYS? Where is it my preciousssssss....

5:31 pm


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