Thursday, September 29, 2005

Do people actually drink this stuff?

Wowee, Kool-Aid is LETHAL. I can now see the benefits of wearing a mask while emptying packets of it.

So after FINALLY untangling the mess (I got jack of it when there was only a small amount left as it was so tangled so I *gasp* broke it off) I ended up with this.

Yes, yes, I am watching a winder on ebay as we speak, dealing with skeins does not pass the time in a manner I wish to repeat often.
So I decided to wind it around 2 chairs spaced about 6 feet apart and then divide that into 3 lunch boxes with the different colours in them. After wasting all my blue sachets and half of my red trying to get purple (which looked more like sludge) I decided on green. So this is the end result.

I was worried it might be a bit lairy with all the colour, but it has come out alot more subdued than I thought it might (looking at that red before when you mix it is a bit frightening. I imagine fire engines could use this stuff to paint their trucks with it, sure is toxic enough). I love how the green and red look watermeloney.

And now onto the next task of winding it back up into a ball. C'mon ebay,


Blogger knitabulous said...

Did you drink any?


(is it just me or does everyone get the word verification thingy wrong ALL the time??)

10:35 pm

Blogger Secret Pal said...

Yes, it is, LOL
You should see the look at the check-out person at the grocary store when I unload about 40 packets. But my daughter always set them straight; she looks at them in the eyes and say: "She does not let us drink it, we use it to dye wool." She is very worried someone could think I am "that" kind of mom!

3:03 am

Blogger Secret Pal said...

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3:04 am

Blogger celia said...

I love the colours! Oops.. did i not warn you about opening the packs of kool-aid? ;)

if you wat my swift and ball winder for a day or two, just pop by. You knwo where I am. i won't need it in the next few days I think.


12:59 pm


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