Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Mo' Mohair

You all know Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits fame, that woman is genius.

I have been frogging my hot pink mohair jumper to use the yarn on my slippers. After being delivered from the 7 depths of hell where I frogged the damn thing (mohair DOES NOT like to be frogged. That is NO FROGGING for mohair. EVER. AGAIN.)

Anyways, after that performance I ended up with a whole lotta curly mohair. Not the best for reknitting, so off to the trusty old Knitty Archives where the lovely Bonne Marie walked me through the un-curling process.
Did I mention genius?

So I did the skeins, the tieing together, the soaking. Apart from almost staining the bath pink, it worked like magic! (oh hi Miss Real Estate agent, you know I'd really like the bond back. Oh that pink staining in the bath? that was there when we moved in, some silly person must have been soaking skeins of mohair in it...)

Then I squeeze, rolled and lay out to dry. Any what do ya know - the lovely skeins are looking all shiney and new!
They are now sitting around waiting to be spun into balls.

In other news - Everyone rejoice! I am now up to the sleeve on the MJ.
Everyone sigh, I am already hitting a hurdle.
Having a different yarn and a taller DH than the pattern would cater for is making this jumper a task and a half. But I have added more sts to my cast on (don't ask me how, but this affects the length. I know, it's totally deranged) and hopefully the sleeves will be reaching DH's wrists rather than his elbows. So I can see a light at the end of the VERY DARK AND LONG tunnel.

In an act of total naughtiness (knitting in secrecy so DH doesn't ask difficult questions about when he's going to get his jumper...), I have cast on for the French Market Bag why oh why do I torture myself with making things with yarn that has a totally different gauge to what the pattern asks for? I must be a sucker for punishment, as you all know how much I love maths. Had to call in DH (HE did 4 unit maths at school, thank the gods). So fingers crossed it will turn out a treat.


Anonymous Donna said...

If the pink stain is being stubborn, try R.M.K (Rapid Mould Kill) from the supermarket.
I was playing with dye a little while back, and managed to dye the kitchen counter top a nice bright blue. Not a few dots, a nice big huge blue stain. I went into panic mode, thinking about the real estate, but the RMK removed every bit of it. Handy to know ;)

9:42 pm

Blogger Taryn said...

thanks for the tip, the staining is pretty minor, i reckon if i go at it with some "easy off bam' (got suckered into that stuff with the bad ad, i love a bad ad) it'll go. that stuff would remove your skin if you're not careful, it's like acid! glad your counters didn't stay blue, i hate to incur the wrath of the Real Estate Agent (or more importantly, the fact that they can hold my bond from me!)

9:52 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Ditto Donna's suggestion - thanks to her, I got some stains out of the Laminex that weren't moving (thanks Donna!!).
You make me laugh when I read your blog, and thanks for the modified tute on dekinking yarn - I have an Aran jumpers' worth of unravelled wool to straighten out and dye for Eris. Gorgeous yarn BTW!!

10:24 am


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