Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm spinning around

Well not quite yet, and not in the Kylie Minogue sense (although totting around in teeny tiny hotpants shaking my thang does appeal... Maybe 10 years ago). I have been lent a spinning wheel and am going to attempt to spin some yarn up - any help and info would be MOST appreciated as I know didly squat about spinning. I have to get a few bits for it to be in working order, luckily I can order online (love the internet!).

Today I visited THAT LYS (yes the nasty ladies one) as they are closing down (hmmm, WONDER WHY??!!) and had stuff on sale. So I got some more DPNs (cause you know I'm such an experienced sock knitter now, gotta have all the tools) and some yummy Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra in Lake and Rare Yarns Rare Essentials in Misty Topaz, mmm this is really nice. I hadn't seen it before and I must say I like. I have no idea what to make with them, but at 25% off (around $7 a ball for each - BARGAIN) I couldn't pass them up.

I have just joined up to do a CAL (craft along!) with a group of online friends, the idea being that everyone does the same project but it whatever craft they like. I, of course, will be knitting (cause you all know how much sewing loves me and my feelings toward it) so we are going to do slippers and I have been trying to figure out what yarn to use. None of what I have is thick enough (oh ho! is that a call to a LYS I hear!!) but I remembered a jumper I made many moons ago that I have never worn, it just wasn't... right. Nothing wrong with the way I knitted it or the pattern but you know when you think it's gonna be the best thing ever and when you finish it, it falls way short of expectations? So froggedy frog frog for you jumper that has sat unloved in a box forever. It's a hot pink mohairy type thing (gee I hope it felts ok), and will go just swimmingly with my hot pink dressing gown (such a tasty thing it is too).

The MJ is slowly coming along (does it do anything fast?) I am just past the neck shaping so soon all I will have to do is the sleeves and the finishing (groan) (why is it I have a feeling of de'ja vu....)


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