Friday, August 26, 2005


What do you do when you have to go to work but you are THIS CLOSE to finishing a certain jumper that feels like it has been an albatross around your neck FOREVER? You KIT, or Knit In Traffic. And you know, I think today was the first time I CURSED the traffic for moving, DAMN YOU!! I have almost finished this row and you want me to move my car??!!

Ahhhh work. Being a semi-SAHM (semi because I quite often have to work from home with the Little Man vying for my attention every 2 seconds) I find it difficult to get things done. Like an 8 hour day, I get about 5 hours done (if I'm lucky). But I have moved into the world of Nannies. As there is no way that I can commit to a particular day at daycare every week (Oh sorry Mr/Mrs Client, you know that job that needs to be done Monday as it has to be on air on Tuesday? Yeah, can't do that, Little Man is not in daycare until Wednesday. What's that? You'll find someone else to do it? Ok then.... you see my predicament) a casual nanny is the way forward for us.

Anyway, I sort out a nanny for yesterday (for Little Man to get used to her and not freak out at this stranger who's suddenly looking after him) and today, Monday and Tuesday to cover while I'm at work.

So I get up at sparrows fart (oh such a tasteful saying, I thank my Dad for that one, along with another such gem 'off like a bucket of prawns in the sun'...) to drive into the city (not my favourite place to visit at the best of times) (but I can KIT so it's all ok). I arrive about 10 mins before I'm due to start and search frantically for a park, rush into work to find that the job has been cancelled. THE JOB HAS BEEN CANCELLED? Are you kidding me? Did you maybe think it might be an idea to tell me this fact...

... But you know, this means I can visit my favourite LYS on the way home...

And I was well behaved. Much yarn fondling, no yarn buying.

When I got home it was all another matter.

But it's for my mums birthday present, so it's justified. Promise it is! I got some gorgeous Noro Silk Garden *drool* in colourway #228. It's so yummy. And what kinda freaky world do we live in where it is cheaper to buy it from the other side of the globe than it is from my LYS. I will be stalking the postie...


Blogger Rachael said...

I understand the stalking of the Postie, I am waiting for yarn, e-bay goodies and a Japanese craft book AND my IK fall! I was most peeved when he didn't stop today! A whole weekend without my goodies. The whole yarn-cheaper-from-the-states/uk thing bites the big one. We need a yarn mule! Nice sock wool too, love that shop in BB!

7:28 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

I sooooooo KWYM Taryn, people don't believe me when I tell them it's cheaper to buy OS. I'm all for supporting local economy, but I need the extra $$$$ in my pocket, and needless to say, that's if you can find what you want here in Aus!!!
I finished Clapotis toda, I really should start on my slippers now, but Branching Out in DB Cashmerino is just toooooo tempting.....

10:54 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Of course I don't do this ANYMORE, but back when I had a (ahem) more flexible job (ie, a boss in a totally different building), I would quite happily chuck a sickie for reasons such as yours. When you're on a roll, some things just have to wait.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love your fuzzy orange bear! Did you find the book containing the Backyard Leaves pattern? It's called Scarf Style, from Interweave Press.

1:46 pm


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