Monday, August 29, 2005

I was so excited, I left my phone behind!

OMG I discovered another LYS close by that is FANTASTIC. Only you, my dear knitting fanatics, would understand the joy felt.

In fact, I was in such a state, that my handy dandy Pocket PC was left behind. I had it out to see if the wool in my hand had a gauge to match the Union Market Square pullover and with a squirming baby in one arm and me fumbling about to get out my wallet to pay for the needles I needed (I was buying needles to, wait for it, FINISH THE COLLAR IN DH'S JUMPER!!!!! It is very close to done...) well, it was all too much and the phone was the casualty. I will be going back tomorrow morning to pick it up, what a shame I have to visit there AGAIN!

They had all the stars - Noro, Rowan, Debbie (with HEAPS of her books.... could be dangerous) and some AMAZING Australian grown and spun chunky hand died wool - I tell ya that stuff was beautiful. I can't wait to go back minus the Little Man to have a proper look.

It's all too much. I need a lie down.

As mentioned before, I am getting close to the end of the MJ. There was a very tense moment on the weekend though - I was blocking it, looking at how it has seemed to have grown to double it's size, thinking how on earth will I bring this back into shape. DH suggested, chuck it in the dryer, as it was taking forever to dry and it was massive. So against my better judgment, I did just that. Just for 1/2 hr on low, but thank the gods, it came back into shape. PHEW. So now I have attached the shoulders, about to make the collar, and then have to sew the rest of it up. Oh how pleased I will be when it is done and DH has it on his back. Of course, today brought the return of spring with a 23C day....

In other news, I am past the shaping on the French Market Bag and onto the long task of knitting in stst for about 8 inches. It's going well, I hope it will felt up nicely.


Blogger Meg said...

Wow, how it a new shop or a new find? And how did you get your hands on the Union Market Square pullover issue of IK? None of my 3 newsagents who can usually be relied upon for stocking IK have been able to cough up the goods yet! Maybe it's time to subscribe for myself. SnB's on the north side - not sure, but I think Lisa G runs a knitting group on Tuesdays in North Sydney. Her website is

9:32 am

Blogger Taryn said...

new find! i knew there was a store around there but had never been able to find it (wasn't visiable from the street). Borders seems to stock IK - I get mine from Macquarie. They are expensive tho, so much so that I got a subscritiption from IK instead. $7 an issue cheaper and delivered to my door, can't beat that!

10:18 am


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