Saturday, August 13, 2005

Rats in the roof, angora on the needles

Yes you read that correctly - rats damn it.

And here I have been blaming poor defenseless possums for doing the ceiling shuffle everynight.
Tonight we are being driven MENTAL by the constant scampering so DH went up the ladder to look thru the manhole to see just how many possums there were. No possums, just rats. Gross.

Why rats? We don't have a dirty house, we don't leave rubbish sitting around the place, we clean. So why are they here?? AND WHY DO THEY INSIST ON STOMPING UP AND DOWN THE CEILING ALL FRIGIN' NIGHT LONG?

Apparently there are not too many there, maybe 3 or so. Tomorrow the Large Rat Traps are being placed. We will succeed.

Also discovered on the roof viewing, half our house has no insulation. Yes some smart cookie decided that insulation is not needed in a DAMN HOT COUNTRY like Australia. No need to lay the bats, just leave them in their bags lying about in the roof. Yes, that'll work nicely. And being winter we are freezing ourselves silly and wasting a fortune of money on heating so the rats can live in comfort in the ceiling where all the heat is going. Maybe this is why we have the rats, they have been telling all their friends that the warm place to be is the roof at number 17 where the stupid humans haven't laid any bats. Hmmm.

Onto the angora, a few months ago I got some yummo vegetable dyed handspun angora from Nundle Woolen Mills (had never been to a mill before, ohh I was like a kid in a candy store). I tell you it is GORGEOUS. I did a swatch to see what the gauge would be, and then chucked it in the wash to see how it felts. Felted quite nicely, although it could probably do with another go through the wash or a stint in the dryer as the stitches are fairly visible and it only shrunk by about 3cms all round. I'm thinking of doing some slippers and some socks with it. It's so lovely and warm and will be just the thing to keep my feet from freezing off while we make the roof sub tropical for the rats.


Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Ack!!! There are very few four legged creatures in this world that I don't like, rats and mice are among those I HATE!! Hope you get 'em. LMK when you start your slippers, I have a couple of felted footsies patterns I need to do, we can have KAL. Reckon we can convince any other OTOCN'ers to join???

9:14 am

Blogger Taryn said...

yep, an OTOCN KAL is what we need, shame we are coming to the end of winter!! lucky they are quick to knit. and forgot the traps at kmart today DOH!

3:33 pm


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