Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No sleep for baby = trip to not-so-LYS!

Yesterday was just one of those days; when you know they need sleep and they won't have a bar of it.
So after half an hour of whinging (and that was just from me) we hoped in the car and took a long drive. My favourite LYS (not the nasty women at my close LYS, blurgh) is only about 20 mins away, but more time is needed for Little Man to get the proper amount of sleep, so we took a very roundabout way of getting there. Lucky for me he woke up just as we were arriving at the LYS (he's his mothers son, not one to miss out on the fun of a visit to the LYS!).

this store is great because they have a big box of toys for kiddies and it means I can plop him down next to it and he plays with the car cars and twucks to his hearts content.

They had a set of Denise Needles in there - ooooh I was tempted. But I held back, I really don't need them (but was almost won over when the assistant told me they were airline safe - perfect for trip to Turin next year!!). I casually mentioned them to DH after the visit and he's like 'well you never know what you might get for xmas'.. What a man!

I also had a drool over the Noro, such pretty colours. But you know, a teeny bit too rough for me. I like super soft against my itchy skin. But very pretty all the same.

I also had a sneaky peek at the Possum/Merino, so soft and purty. And also some Rowan wool/cotton that I'm thinking of getting to make my cousins new baby something out of (possibly the cute little kimono from IK summer 05) but I know I can get it cheaper on eBay.

But after all my ooohing and aaahing, I got nothing! Little Man decided that there were some stairs there that looked great to climb so I knew it was time to go. I'm not usually one to buy stuff without having a pattern for it, and as I didn't have the info on the Union Square Market Pullover (IK Fall 05) I couldn't even get a sub yarn (stupid me! I usually put this info into my phone but was my head screwed on properly?)

The MJ vers. 2.0 (Monster Jumper mark II) is coming along, I've finished the back (much better length, DH is worried it's too short but there is so much give in the rib it will be fine, and blocking will help). About 10cm into the front, I feel much better about it now.


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