Saturday, December 02, 2006

In situ

Traditionally the stocking is hung from the mantle, the place of warmth.

Call me old fashioned but it's not quite the same hanging off the air-con...

Little Mans Xmas Stocking
Yarns: Katia 'Diane' in red and white - 3 balls (2.5 red, .5 white)
Pattern: Heavily modified version of Berroco's John Stocking

I must say I had a great time knitting this, apart from the fact that I went a bit too big on the foot part of the sock, I think it's pretty groovin'. The fair isle was, uh, interesting. Definitely lots of lessons learned on this one, and as I'm not a huge fan of fair isle that is worn I can't see me whipping up a jumper in the near future.
Oh and it hasn't been blocked or washed yet... in typical me fashion.

Next on the needles.....?

Oh, and I have a new toy that I want want want. Pity about the price, but I had a play with the lovely Sue's on Thursday night spinning class, and oh boy it was pretty. The wheel testing came about when DH mentioned that he knows what he'll get me for my birthday next year, a new wheel. Of course, I had to try it out, and bring home the brochure (you know these boys need it pointed out to them, preferably with a big red circle around it and arrows pointing to it. And may I suggest leaving it in the garage/near the remote/on their computer keyboard for an increased success rate). After seeing the price I have not heard another word about it, I did warn him...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least if the stockings are hanging off the aircon, the chocolates don't melt LOL.

7:18 pm

Blogger Meg said...

That stocking is divine. You know you will still be hanging that up even when Little Man is in his second year of uni!

10:43 am


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