Monday, November 13, 2006

Knitting? What knitting?

I wanted to come back with a post full of flair. Wit. Charm. And lots of yarn.
What do I have for you? Nada.
I am drained, DRAINED I tell you. 12 days non stop working will be guaranteed to knock the wind out of your sails. Then coming home on Saturday night and starting work on a new job on Sunday has just sapped all of my strength. I haven't even wanted to pick up the needles, friends that is SERIOUS.

I did, however, pick up the needles a tiny bit while away. Just to knit with the Crack on that shawlly, shrug thing a couple of posts down. Didn't get too far though, it's not the most stimulating knit (probably just as well, my brain might have leaked out my ears if I had to think too much harder).

In my time at the computer while back that hasn't been work I have been getting back into a past addiction... skincare & makeup. I cannot tell you how many lotions and potions that have graced my shelves. Back in the late 90s I was a frequent poster on Make Up Alley, even made a friend who happened to be a makeup artist in the States. And how's this, she came over to my wedding on the other side of the world to do my makeup (and be a guest, of course). Many people who know me think my makeup obsession is hilarious - for someone who barely ever wears any (only if I am going out, and we all know how much going out time you get in a toddler household) I have more Stila, Benefit, et al that you could shake a brush at. And skincare! Love it. From Eve Lom to Dove I have tried almost all of it. Currently I am coveting SKII. I would say slowly making my way back into high end skincare, but at the price of SKII it's more like diving head first into the Arctic. What has prompted this reawakened interest is some serious lines on my forehead. Doing an examination in the mirror to find out what facial expression is causing them, I see that a eyebrows raised stunned look is the culprit. Not that I think I walk around with a perpetually stunned expression, the lines say otherwise. I am forever told by every beauty therapist that touches my face that my skin is dehydrated, so I figure the dehydration has finally caused the roadmap. So hydrating creams are next on the hitlist.

Here's a pic to distract you from the lack of knitting action...

Move along, no knitting to see here. Just some deep furrows in the cranial region...


Anonymous JulieB said...

Welcome back! Olay Regenerist is working amazingly well for my lines - cheap and easy to find too. Now if only I could find something for the under eye area that didn't irritate my eyes....

7:17 am


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