Thursday, November 23, 2006


Oi. This fair isle business is a bit messy. I know I should have the yarn on small little bobbins or some such fun but you know I like to do things the hard way (preferably the hardest way. You know, so then I can whinge about how hard it is). And the carrying of the yarn - who knew? I find that 3 sts is the furthest that I can go without carrying the other colour along, god knows if I'm doing it right, I kind of loop the colour I'm not working with over the top of the other every 3 sts and continue on with the colour I'm working with - does that sound right? I guess I should pull out my trusty Elizabeth Zimmerman book, I'm sure she has some words of wisdom on the subject.
This is where I am at.

I'm actually quite enjoying it, not as brain frying as lace but not as brain numbing as st st.

What I don't like though is that it is taking away from my precious Alias DVD watching time - I have to watch what I'm doing and not the TV. It's a hard life. However, when I do look up it seems to coincide with when Michael Vartan is on screen so it's not all bad. (Did I tell you he was one of the celebs we interviewed at the Cup. My producer gets the glamourous job of meeting the celebs, I get the not so glamourous jobs of watching the interview on a monitor about 500m away. Lucky me).

It's moving along pretty darn quick. Which is a bit scary as I don't have anything lined up to knit next - what a surprise!


Blogger Marina said...

No. You don't usually put the yarn on bobbins for Fair Isle. It looks quite lovely!

3:35 pm

Blogger Linda in Maine said...

It's very pretty!

I'll tell you how I knit fair isle with a bit of "weaving" to keep the inside tidy, it sounds really fiddly but it's worth perfecting 'cause -- no more tangles!

I hold a color in each hand. When knitting a long run with color R (right hand), every few stitches lift color L (left hand, obviously) and make the next stitch UNDER it with color R. Then drop color L back down and carry on knitting over it.

When knitting a run with color L, every few stitches first wrap color R around the needle tip; then wrap color L, then UNwrap color R and finish making the stitch.

Just don't weave too frequently or the knitted fabric will be stiffer than you like.

Does that make any sense at all? No tangles, and it's very soothing and rhythmic to do. Try it!

4:08 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only look up when Michael Vartan is on Alias - he is the only reason why I watched this show in the first place. Lucky boss - I would be so jealous. Can you tell us more about Michael!

7:43 pm

Anonymous JulieB said...

I learnt all I know about fair isle from this video -
(only works in IE). Once you get the hang of it you'll never look back :)

7:23 am

Anonymous Nora said...

I love the red and white combintion. Fair isle is something I've yet to tackle - sooo much to learn!! x

7:22 pm

Blogger Nikki said...

Looking good so far, and your new sofa looks very sexy.

5:10 am

Anonymous Barbara said...

Also, spread the right-needle stitches out nice and wide -- helps keep the tension even and avoid puckering. (Says she who learned the hard way and has nieces and nephews with handknitted Christmas stockings that are beautiful but low-capacity and therefore not favoured.)

9:53 am


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