Monday, November 20, 2006

Did someone say NEW COUCHES?

That would be me! Saying it A LOT! Well, they are here (it looks black, but it's actually chocolate).
Here is my latest project kicking back on the 2 seater (my DH gets the 3 seater. I guess it's only fair since he is 6'5"...)

It's a xmas stocking for Little Man. I'm choosing this as my first foray into fair isle, however I think the pattern is way too busy for me, so I'm knocking it back a bit from this:

to this:

It will have his name knitted into it at the top bit too. I've just started on the first bit of white, this is going to be interesting...

I did some tasty orange/pink merino with a splash of silk at spinning this week, felt I needed to spin something with a bit of colour after the many hours of spinning Ms. Mere. Delightful as she is to spin, after a while I felt that if I saw any more sable coloured cashmere I might poke my eye out with my threading hook (don't tell her I said that, we have a tenuous relationship. She's very fickle.)


Anonymous Donni said...

Nice spinning lovey! Nice couches too!

9:12 am

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Ms. Mere fickle? Gee, I wonder where she gets that from... (*grin*)!! Gorgeous couches and spinning, I'm sure the stocking will be an adventure!!

11:30 am

Anonymous Penny said...

finally the couches arrive, yipee!!! can't wait to have a seat on them.

5:06 pm

Blogger Anniki said...

Hi :)

I just found your blog and I have a question, hope that you can help me.
How eazy is to find yarn shops in Sydney? It seems that knitting is rather popular in Australia.
I`ll come there next year and it would be nice to visit shops also.

Anniki from Estonia :)

7:49 am

Anonymous Nora said...

The chocolate seaters are very stylish (we chose dark brown leather for our furniture also).

You have a great eye for colour - from the couches to that gorgeous orange/pink merino - divine!

PS: Seaters - ha! That's the architect's influence... before he came into our lives we sat on plain ol' couches!

7:30 pm


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