Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday! They're coming on MONDAY!

In the immortal words of Big Kev, I'm excited. I just got word that my new couches are arriving on Monday. So what does a knitters mind turn to when hearing that large furnishings are descending on her loungeroom?
Knitted cushion covers.
I had asmss s sk,sspqspsapsssss.xcx'x. sorry, Little Man hijacked the laptop.
So covers. I sewed some covers for our current couch but recently they have come apart at the seams. I think this is mainly due to the fact that they are brocade and I didn't overlock the seams. Let me tell you, if you have brocade, you HAVE to overlock the seams. Otherwise your DH will sit on the couch many times over, mush up the pillows, which in turn weakens and then splits the seams. Bitter? Noooooo.
So I might do these tasty little numbers (or something like it, I really don't think I need a pattern to knit a square) (I have that in writing when it all goes horribly wrong).

And very happy that I have matching yarn in my stash - the observant among you will notice that this is the infamous yarn from the Mohair frogging incident of 2005 (the incident in which I did not learn from).

I think it will look mighty tasty with my new brown leather couches, and ties in nicely with the red and yellow asian painting on the wall. Mmmm, did I ever mention I wish I was an interior decorator?

I was just doing my nightly round of up the blogs - how GORGEOUS is this from Wendy? (the second pic, although the kiddies jumpers are super cute too). I likey.


Anonymous Donni said...

Fanks for my discs ma'm. Hoping we can catch up again soonish.

11:44 pm


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