Monday, April 24, 2006

Blocking central

Yes folks, don't faint, I am close to finishing a garment. I know, it's a shock to me too. (please excuse all the nasty flash photos in this post, late afternoon in autumn is not the best time to take pics inside)

Starsky is now blocking away like a tropper in the spare room, and I'm plugging away on the 63 inch belt. I'm hoping the blocking will be dry by the time I finish the belt.

So my thoughts have been moving to what to do next. Trying to avoid my usual End of Project Confusion, I'm thinking ahead before I have nothing on the needles, I also have DH's socks on the go, as well as French Market Bag (shiver) (knit central, sleep inducing) and Butterfly (shiver) (lace central, brain frying). So I'm thinking of doing Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater but without the v-neck this time, maybe more of a rounded neck. The lovely Wendy advised on how I might go about making it more rounded, fingers crossed I'm going out on a limb. I rarely stray from what the pattern says, I need that set in stone reassurance in front of me so I am a bit nervous. I guess if I wasn't knitting it with my freshly spun and dyed yarn I wouldn't be as nervous, but the last thing I want to do is have to frog it. I've started swatching for it today so here's hoping it will be an easy knit rather than a 'do a tonne of maths to make it work' knit.

A few posts ago I stepped out of the comfort zone and mentioned I might want to do a quilt and have been thinking about what I want to do and what I want it too look like. Today I had a revelation (they sometimes happen) and thought about all the bedlinen I made for Little Man when he was in a cot (I must have had a truce in place with the Singer at that point) (either that or the child in my stomach kicking my ribs was keeping my mind off wanting to throw the sewing machine through the wall).

So instead of it all going to waste I'm going to make it into a quilt. The colours are so nice and bright and will go fab with his current sheets (don't they remind you of a Roald Dahl illustration? I love them, they are from Ikea, the Hokus range by Silke Leffler). I'm quite looking forward to it, more the finished part than the sewing part.


Anonymous marti said...

those are great sheets! and i think the quilt will set them off quite nicely. i love quilts, but the thought of actually doing one terrifies me.

12:49 am

Blogger Lynne said...

Starsky is almost done? cool! Someone who has made it - I've been looking at it and your yarn really shows the pattern nicely.
(I admit I couldn't work out what the purple/mauve blodges were, then I realised I should be looking at the brown Starsky not the mauve background - I guess that shows what colours I notice most!)
Love the sheets - I need some of them for me!

1:16 am

Anonymous Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! I can't wait to see Starsky all blocked and sewn up in all its glory, what I can see on the photos it's certainly going to look amazing!
These sheets are so lovely, I can imagine them very well being put together to become a quilt - looking forward to see that one as well!

6:08 pm

Blogger knitabulous said...

Did you say 'child in your stomach?' Is that a euphemism or is it news?

8:58 am


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