Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's raining... FIBER!

Last night I did a bit of a yarn store search. You'd think there would be many yarn stores here, being cold an all. You'd be wrong. And the ones you do find, full of Rowan, Jaeger and Debbie Bliss. All well and good, but I can get that all at home. I want to see new stuff (not hard to please am I?). Anyways, I stumbled upon this place, and it just happened to be in the neighbourhood of where we were planning to go today. Handy no?
Whoops, did my hand just slip into my wallet? (or more accurately, DH's wallet heh heh).

CASHMERE!!! *droooooooool*

Mmmmmm, silk

MORE silk!!!

Soy!! How fun!! I also got some bamboo, but who knows where that photo got to.

And looky!! I have wanted to get this book for ages. I also wanted to get hands on spinning by Lee Raven but they didn't have it.

I'm almost done on Backyard Leaves, unblocked photo to come soon. Got about one repeat to go and then I have to sew (blurgh) (sorry involuntary reaction) it together. Also knocked some little mittens for Little Man, but getting photos onto here is a major act at the moment so a pic might have to wait till when we get home. They are too cute, but could be a little longer. I forgot how long Little Man's fingers are (much like his mummas).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Husband(me), always having his wallet emptied on wool, yarn, fibre, needles, markers,patterns, magazines and other knitting and spinning related products. Oh dear it's staring to sound like i know what I am talking about

6:42 am

Blogger Taryn said...

LOL see all that whispering about yarn i do in your ear when you are sleeping is slowly seeping through...

9:52 am

Blogger Lynne said...

Lynne's book is *excellent* I love reading it. I still haven't made my first handspun handdyed socks but I have the yarn ready to go!
Happy Birthday for umm a while ago ;-)

3:37 pm

Blogger celia said...

I am so jealous! cashmere and soy, and silk!.. mmm yum

1:01 am


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