Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Vogue Idea

A couple of days ago I bought my first copy of Vogue Knitting.

Now for me, Vogue has always evoked images of glamour, couture, sophistication.

Imagine my horror when opening the pages to find more novelty yarn than you can shake a ball of Feathers at.

I truly cannot see myself knitting much from this, MAYBE one or 2 items (the beautiful cardy on page 91, a gorgeous kid silk haze looking thingy. Much like butterfly. Sucker for punishment any one?) also the funky coat on page 81. Not that I would ever knit it, but it's pretty darn cool. But the rest? And wait for it, they have a section called NOUVEAU NOVELTIES.


I can't even get past the word 'Nouveau' without it screaming 80s at me. Turn the page and horror of horrors, A WHOLE VEST MADE OUT OF FEATHERS. Now, I'm not immune to using Feathers, what do you think Fuzzy Orange Bear is made out of? But that's a toy, for a child. Rather appropriate use of Feathers.


Is it always like this? Has the last bastion of style become the upholder of all things squeaky?

Oh be still my throbbing head, they have made something in here with a yarn called 'Bling Bling'....


Blogger Meg said...

hmmm, didn't you have a look at it before buying it? I quickly looked at the current issue and had much the same reaction as you!

2:42 pm

Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Have you seen Vogues Knit 1 Mens Issue, I like a few but my boys,five sons and DH would be horrified if I knitted any for them,better for the city I think!
I only bought it,$12.95,and I did look!!!!!!, as I thought of funky gifts for next Chrissy.....

2:52 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Vogue's novelty yarn obsession is related to their association (business-wise) with Lion Brand yarns (Fun Fur, etcetera). I like Vogue Knitting, though I have yet to make one of their patterns!
- Tiffany

9:29 am

Blogger Rachael said...

I am a self confessed magazine junkie. I have this mag, and I think there is maybe a couple of things I'd consider knitting, the pillows, especially the Nicky Epstein one with the roses. (I like reading the "news" pages..omg that sounds similiar to "I read it for the articles!" LOL)
However I picked up the new Knit 1 and almost threw it down in fear of catching the complete dagginess that was oozing from every page. OMG every single pattern could go in the "You knit what?" blog! I'm saving my $12.95 for something more precious..."real" yarn! (off to visit your site now...hehe)

8:48 am


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