Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bend the rules

What I am about to reveal may get me disqualified from the KO, but I think I have a valid reason.

I am going to start on my Knitting Olympics knit, Backyard Leaves, this afternoon.

I think that this is only fair since I will be working (on the Olympics even) at the time. In fact, my shift will not end until about 4 hours after the ceremony ends, so really I can do 4 hours of knitting before it starts? Right? (back me up here ladies). I haven't done ANY knitting since I got here, it is a crime I tell you.

So, Torino. Yesterday I had a pure European moment while eating in a cafe out in a plaza, with a Vespa scooter sitter nearby, eating a bowl of pasta drizzled in the most yummy olive oil (man they go nuts with the olive oil here), while Italians gestured vigourously around me and a man playing an accordion hovered nearby. All i needed was some old Italian men to be playing chess to make the picture complete. It's really a gorgeous place, I never fail to be humbled by the age and history of European cities, we really are such a young country in Australia. The buildings, with those quaint balconies, ornate railings and huge wooden doors are just so perfect.

And of course, the Italians attitude to everything is... shall we say... relaxed. Things are not quite ready. As an American I was speaking to last night said, they need another month to be ready. But another month they do not have, tonight is the night.

Here is a shot from my balcony. Yes there is some snow on the ground, it hasn't snowed since we got here, but it has been too cold for it to melt.

Ah, the weather. 4 degrees people. Hard to acclimatise when you have come from about 35 degrees. Helps that we have big coats, gloves, beanies, thick socks and hiking boots. We also have central heating. Mmmmmm.

Here's a shot I took this morning while waiting for my bus to go home. Half an hour standing in the freezing cold is not the way I like to spend my time, especially not at 3am.

It's the archway across the bridge that goes to the athletes village. Pretty funky huh. I can't quite place what I reminds me of, maybe something similar at an American airport? JFK? San Fran?

Off to get started on my controversial knit, shhh don't send the officials around.


Blogger Lu said...

Oh, if we had another month, we would have needed another month. Not being ready is a national virtue around there. Life is more fun if you are never ready, never prepared, but somehow managed to swing it.

You were eating outside in Torino in February? Brave girl!

1:31 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Soooooo jealous Taryn!!! It all sounds wonderful, even if you are working! Enjoy - and I for one think you are perfectly justified in starting early. I certainly wasn't getting up at 5am for the live broadcast to cast on - I took the handicap and started late, hopefully I won't finish later...
P.S. We want a pic of you in your work kit!! And a pic of you knitting somewhere very European.

4:16 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Your attitude to starting times is very... Italian. I love it. The bridge kind of reminds me of the London Eye.

9:37 am

Blogger celia said...

more piccies pls ;)

thanks for the chillies. chris and i are enjoying them very much. they've made an appearance in two stews so far :)


12:33 pm

Blogger Becky said...

An American structure like that is the Gateway Arch, which represents the gateway to the West. It's in Missouri.

Here's a good picture of it.

2:21 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Hey Taryn, Happy knitting in Torino!! Thanks for your link to 'my needles on planes diatribe' - I'm glad you agree. There are some who don't (!?)- Knitters even!! Anyway I wont tell the Harlot if you dont. :-)

5:49 pm

Blogger bubbebobbie said...

The St Louis Arch is a good comparison, but the Hollywood Bowl is better.

And instead of using the knitting end of cermony where you are (in Torino) Use the time from where you are from and the time the ceremony end there,who will know???

5:56 am


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