Saturday, February 04, 2006

26 hours

This is the approximate amount of time I will not be able to knit because needles are such dangerous objects.
Therefore, this will be a WASTED 26 hours (although I do hope to actually sleep during this time, well as much sleep as you can get with minimal leg room in a tinsy chair).


That is all I will say about it, many others have gone before me in the grumbling about air safety discussion (see Stripey for my thoughts exactly). I did eye off some chopsticks in shops today...

So, believe it or not I have some finished objects!

First up, my International Scarf Exchange scarf. I'm pretty happy with it, I came up with the pattern myself (with the help of a stitch directory) and I think it came up a treat.

And looky here, my Go With the Flow socks from IK (Spring? I just put the mag away and can't be bothered going to check it). Done in Lorna's Laces 'Icehouse'. I likey alot.

(Excuse the bad photos, I ran out of time to take pics in the daylight today - probably due to the 25 odd people BBQing at my house.)

Something I discovered doing this, I was, er.... knitting it inside out. Don't ask me how, I managed to do the lace pattern inside out and the feet the correct way (ie, the correct side of the stocking stitch was on the outside). Who knows what kind of sleep deprived state I was in when I was reading the pattern, somewhere along the line the dots on the chart changed from meaning purl to meaning knit... Only talented people such as myself (ha!) manage this type of knitting magic (look you damn blonde follicles, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times - STOP BURYING INTO MY SKULL, YOU ARE KILLING OFF THE BRAIN CELLS)

This could be my last post until I board the big steel object that will be flying me thousands of miles from home, but I will try and keep posting when I can and keep you up to date with anything interesting that may be happening around me (oh, you think the Olympics might be interesting enough?)

So ciao for now (sorry, I will try and keep the Italian to a minimum).


Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Have a great trip, I'm sure you will find PLENTY of interesting things to share!! ANd poor you, I don't know if I could cope with 26 hours of no knitting....

9:42 am

Blogger Meg said...

Both FOs look lovely! Did I read in the news correctly that Stephen Bradbury will NOT be competing in Torino? Have you received your K.O. pattern???

11:07 am


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