Monday, January 16, 2006

Butterflies, beads and green furry balls

So here I am again in the city of tennis fever. My second home it feels sometimes, although the things that make it home (aka, my family) are still in Sydney. A couple of nights ago DH told me that Little Man said 'mama cuddle' when he was putting him to sleep, talk about breaking my heart. Otherwise I feel OK, alone during the day with not a lot to do (this feeling of not a lot to do is quite alien, even though 2 years ago Little Man wasn't here, it feels like he's always been here and I have always been running about doing stuff with or for him. Does anyone feel like that when away from their children?).

The one bonus of this trip is that I'm on a night shift (vote in the Kia Rio Hotshots if you're watching the coverage!) so I have lots of time off in the day to knit. I have already started for the uh... 4th time shhhhhh on Butterfly, this time on *coughcough* correct sized needles *cough*.

How pretty is it? This is the hem, only HEAPS MORE to go, joy. The fact that it is so pretty may be the only thing keeping me going on it, it really is hard slog. I think I might need to get some bamboos (in the right size this time) for this, it seemed to go a lot quicker on them. There's my mission for the day, find some bamboos. I have yet to venture into Marta's (apparently gorgeous but expensive yarns) in town, did someone say per diems? (what, I'm meant to spend that on food? ha!).

Also have started on the second Go with the Flow. I really love knitting this, it's such a satisfying knit.

So much to see there huh.

I have even finished my scarf, on the last night before I left (at about 11am when I had to get up at 5.30. Mmmm, nice having no sleep and then flying off to work the next day). So I haven't even had a chance to block it. There are a few little boo boos, but overall I think it turned out great. I'll post some pics of it when I get back.

And here's some stitch markers I forgot I had in my bag! I made them over xmas when I found the BEST bead store ever up at mums. Check out those bags of beady goodness.

Time to get off my expensive dial up connection from the hotel (dial up sucks can I just say).


Blogger Rachael said...

Not that I'm stalking you or anything but doesn't BB have the best bead shops!!! (and a pretty cool yarn shop too. Good luck with work and the night shift!

1:03 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Marta's is well worth the trip but just allow yourself some time to *ease* into the experience. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but remain calm and allow yourself to slowly bring areas of the shop into focus. Circulate the entire shop at least 3 times, focusing only on one small spot at a time, then gradually enlarge your scope to compare items. I guarantee you will emerge in 2 or 3 hours feeling like a brand new knitter.

2:13 pm

Blogger Elisabeth said...

What a pretty colorway that is for your Go With The Flow, and your stitch markers are very cool. :-)
Take Care!

9:52 am

Blogger knitabulous said...

If my kids stay at mum's so I can have a night out with husband, when I wake up in the morning every nerve in my body is saying 'go to your children' - even if I'm a bit under the weather.
And you do wonder what on earth you did with your time before they came along don't you?

4:34 pm


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