Thursday, January 26, 2006

They've all gone down

A little history on Australia at the Winter Olympics for you.

In Salt Lake 2002, Australia won it's first gold medal. We went on to win another 3 days later, making it our most successful Winter games ever. To win a gold it requires skill, talent, quite often speed... And a whole lot of luck.

Our second gold was won by Alisa Camplin, an aerial skier at the top of her game. She was World Champion, had won the World Cup, basically a contender.

Our first was won by Steven Bradbury, a short track speed skater. This was his fourth Winter Olympics, a massive achievement in itself, and he had previously won a bronze in the same event. With skill and determination, he was through to the final alongside USA favourite Apollo Anton Ohno. The race starts, all skaters jockeying for position, and it pans out with Apollo at the front and Steven at the rear. It stays this way for almost the entire race, and it looks to be Apollo's race. Until one fateful slip of a Chinese skaters boot. In the last lap of the race the commentary went something like this (who am I kidding, I've heard it 2 billion times to know it went exactly like this):

"Oh and there's a lot of contact, oh! They've all gone down, Bradbury is going to come through and win gold!!"

Yes dear readers, Steven won the gold as all the other skaters lay in a heap on the ice. Steven was celebrated as a hero, as his way of winning was close to our proud Aussie hearts, the 'she'll be right mate' attitude that is bred into us was apparent on that fateful day. The look of surprise of Stevens face was echoed on the millions of faces watching. We had won a gold in true Aussie, laid back fashion.

So here is my button for the Knitting Olympics

Feel free to download and use on your blog.


Anonymous JulieB said...

Now that button alnoe is almost (yes, *almost*) enough to join the fray. Love it Taryn!

6:24 pm

Blogger Meg said...

That was one of my favourite Olympic moments ever - the playing out of the tortoise and the hare in modern times and in our silly human world. Aesop was probably giggling in his grave. I wonder if Roy and HG could be persuaded to do a Knitting Olympics Dump.

6:52 am

Blogger Rachael said...

ha ha ha! Love the button! Like julieb said, almost enough to make me want to join in!

8:47 am

Blogger knitabulous said...

That's such a great story - I'm just spectating but I'll be using the button anyway.
Have a great time.

4:27 pm


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