Saturday, January 28, 2006

The end is in sight

As I finish my time in Melbourne, the weather once again turns. Yesterday it was stinking hot and raining all at the same time. Today it is just raining.

Here's a look back on what has been achieved.

Much progress has been made on Butterfly (yipee!)

And also on my second Go with the Flow sock (up to the heel, I think some quality time with the couch and the sock may be in order this afternoon).

Some yarn has been purchased (from Wondoflex, great store lots of goodies. Of course mostly the usuals but also some nice stuff from Te Awa and Touch in New Zealand. This is some alpaca from Heirloom that I'm going to do my Knitting Olympics gold medal winning knit in, which will be Backyard Leaves (hoping to conquer my fear of that heinously large chart with many abbreviations). It is actually blue but due to lack of natural light today (see top pic) I had to take it under a lamp.

Many bottles of this has been drunk (about 7 half drunk ones are littered around my apartment)

And of course, many, MANY hours of this has been watched.

So I am off home tomorrow back to my beloved boys and my comfy bed (ah, bliss). Sadly only for a week, as next Sunday I fly out to Torino for 3 weeks of more Winter Olympic watching than you can poke a hockey stick at. But it's not all work and no play, after I'm finished in Torino I'm off to London to meet up with DH and Little Man to buy lots of yarn spend time visiting yarn stores friends and family.


Anonymous Donna said...

Okay, now you're just bragging ;) And I'm green with envy!

7:13 pm

Blogger melissa said...

the alpaca heirloom is beautiful to knit wit h . i know what a lovely colour the blue is

4:05 pm

Blogger Meg said...

Wow, does that mean you'll be participating in the Knitting Olympics while ACTUALLY AT the Winter Olympics? I'm not following the K.O. - anyone else actually going to be in Torino?
And PS, thanks, you have cleared up a long-running debate in my household as to when the Winter Olympics are actually going to happen.

6:21 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

I was thinking of Backyard leaves too...shall we tackle it together? I can't refer to the Snow Covered Mountains in your future - too jealous - sigh.

6:35 pm

Anonymous Ellen in Conn said...

Hey, I bought some of that alpaca here in USofA to make mittens for my Mom, and she adores them. My Dad tried them on and he looked so happy, I am starting mittens for him next. We have snow here, frequently, so I wonder why I have never made mittens for him before? My mom's are the light blue and white, in a triangle double-knit pattern from the Fox & Geese & Fences book, and the other mitten is the same but with the colors reversed in the pattern. I am learning about Hills Hoists today. Best wishes to all,

6:57 am


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