Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Monster grows...

Just fresh back from a short trip up north and boy did I get some knitting done. We went to visit the inlaws and so I had other people around to chase after DS which freed me up to knit myself silly.

Got HEAPS done on the MJ (Monster Jumper for those not in the know) so much that I am up to the neck shaping, although the shaping seems to be a sharper increase than the decrease so a frog-a-thon may be in order. Damn it.
The painful thing was that I didn't take enough yarn (went through 4 balls by the second day) so I continued on the socks, finished off that ball the next day, which left 2 days left with lots of knitting time and no knitting to do. Which just wouldn't do.

So I scoured the place for LYS's (hot climate = MASSIVE shortage of LYS's). Praise to the knitting gods for Spotlight.
I picked up some cheapy stuff so I could practice continental - I have been fascinated by it since I spotted it on knitting help and armed with my copy of stitch 'n' Bitch of had a go.

Tension is a bitch in continental.

But I soldiered on, made a beanie for little man. It's ok, I must confess by the time I got to the shaping I was OVER IT and so I went back to ol' faithful English.

So now I'm reunited with many many many balls for the MJ there is no excuse, I will get this monkey off my back.


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