Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's one I made earlier

Here's a blanket I made for the Little Man before/after he was born (well having a new baby takes up ALOT of time and knitting tends to go on the backburner for a while there). It came from one of the Rowan magazines but I didn't use Rowan yarn, Freedom I think the cotton I used was called. Nice stuff and not as $$$ as Rowan. It was my first foray into intarsia and it came up not too shabby. I really should have blocked it though, I'm such a shocker for blocking, I really should do it more often. In fact that will be my new mission, to block everything I make from now on. You can all hold me to it now.
When my mum saw me doing it she thought I had taken leave of my senses, clearly my enjoyment of a knitting challenge did not come from her. Alas, her lack of blocking was a trait I did inherit.


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