Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Winter in Summer

Well I got some fantastic news today - it seems I'll be working on the winter Olympics in Turin!! So not only do I get to hang out in Italy for a few weeks (well, not hang out exactly, more like work bloody hard but it sounds better if I say 'hang out') but I also have an extra winter to wear knitted garments!! woohoo!! Better get out the rowan kid silk haze (drool) and make something gorgeous with it (I think anything made with that would come out gorgeous). Better also get DH's jumper finished...

ahhh... DH's jumper... Now to be renamed as Monster Jumper.

well I have progressed a bit from last time I spoke of it, I have completed the back - it's massive. So massive in fact that a dress may be a better term for it. hmm, man wearing dress/jumper would not be a good fashion statement. Is there such a thing as reverse blocking??!! I might do a swatch and send it thru a warm wash and see how much shrinkage happens, that might be the only way to save it, frogging is NOT a path I want to go down since it would mean starting again as this pattern is knitted from side to side and the amount of stitches cast on determines the length. hmmm...

I'm still contemplating (procrastinating) starting the french market bag, for those who asked it is the 100% wool version of holiday yarn from good old kmart. Big w have it too but only the acrylic version. I will have to get more of the Monster Jumper done before starting this one. And then there is the socks. Too many things to knit too little time.

I think an evening with star trek and knitting is in order (there I said it yes I am a trekkie) (stop snickering you know you like it too).


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