Sunday, January 08, 2006

1 job down, 2 billion to go

As you may have noticed by now, I procrastinate.

A lot.

Hell, I even procrastinate about what I might say to people on the phone when I make an appointment, or have to call someone I don't know. Should I say 'Hi, I'd like to make an appointment?' or "Hi, is there any appointments available at x time?' Mostly I muck up and get a skewed combination of the 2 'Hi, I'd like to make an x time appointment, is it available to have an appointment at that time, oh I might not be available, is the dr/hairdresser/salon chick available..' and on the madness goes. Then I will go beetroot red (I'm a shy kinda girl, really I am.) cause I'm making an arse of myself. A prime example of this is in the checkout line. When the checkout chick asks for the money, I like to get rid of coins. Now if the ferreting around for coins takes anymore than, say, 5 secs I start to feel the pressure. The pressure of the waiting chick, the pressure of the waiting people behind me in the line. I feel their eyes boring into me 'what the HECK is she doing? can't she just pass a note over already? who does this freaky kinda thing, this is not the time to make up $5 in coins!' Viola - red face. Sheer embarrassment. You would never guess I spent half of my life in dance shows on a stage with many people looking at me.

So the procrastination. I have been procrastinating about cleaning the library as we call it (just a room between the studio and the garage, happens to be the place where all the bookcases are, thus it is the library). It also happens to be where all my sewing and knitting stuff is, and where I wanted to put all my yarn for Purl Yarns, cause it was sitting in the studio cluttering up the place. So I set to work the other day getting it tidied up, cause it tended to be the room where everything got put that didn't have a place anywhere else. And here's the result, I'm pretty happy.

Yes I do have a tiny stash, I use this to my advantage tho. Like when DH says 'you already have heaps of wool (notice the reluctance to call it yarn? I have discussed the reasons for the yarn calling many times with him, but he continues to call it wool cause he know it winds me up (wind! haha). Ain't love grand?) Anyway, the advantage of the small stash - I happen to know that Celia has a HUGE stash. In a linen closet. MASSIVE. So big it falls out and hits you on the head when you open the door (although this only happened to her BF when he tried to put wine in there -SEE?? THE YARN WILL REBEL IF YOU MAKE IT SHARE IT'S SPACE). So when DH says to me about the 'wool' I say 'but Celia, she has a whole CLOSET' It's obviously not that successful, due to puny stash size, but makes me feel better.

So next on the list? I might procrastinate a little bit longer on going through the clothes closet.


Anonymous Donna said...

Ugh, the clothes clost. About once a year, I get sick of mine and clean it out. Then it takes maybe a week to get back to exactly the same as it was.

10:26 am

Blogger Sheep Rustler said...

My DH is at this very moment at Bunnings buying large plastic tubs for me to organise my stash into. I'm going to label them and all! This will be only the second time I have ever had an organised stash (that was seven years ago, in another continent). Good luck with your organisation - it seems to be everyone's NY resolution and I think blogging about it reinforces the doing.

5:04 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Lol, too funny, just like looking in my own cupboards!! Guess what I'm doing right now (in bewtween blog reading) - yes, the KIDS room!!! Ug.

6:06 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! talking about me when I am not in the country? :) I still read your blog, you know!

I'm having a ball here. Been shopping and shopping and shopping.. see you in a week or two!


9:20 pm

Blogger Meg said...

I am EXACTLY like that with the phone and the checkout chick! And the stash, it was such a treat for me to take my bf over to my friend Rebecca's house and show him how much larger HER stash is than MINE.

9:22 am

Blogger Lynne said...

Ah the joys of interacting with people and overpractising stuff. I bet that you use a different mask or persona for stage work. Someone who isn't quite you, a someone who can deal with being looked at.
Dang, missed your sale. Still want some pink stripy yarn - any you'd recommend from your LL stock? Even if one ball was mixed with another, say two rows of one, two of another?

10:03 pm


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