Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Out with the old

So here we are in 2006. Where does the time go? Ever since I left school time has flown, now I am with toddler it's moving at warp 9.9 (because we all know you can't do warp 10 unless you want to turn into an swamp thing) (shuddup you know you are a closet trekkie too). My Little Man will be 2 in February (with his mumma weeping on the other side of the planet missing his birthday) and it feels like yesterday I was holding him for the first time. A week from this coming Saturday starts my 5 out of 6 weeks away from him and DH. I have never even spent a night away from Little Man, let alone 5 weeks. I hope I cope.

So Xmas and New Year were great, we spent it with my Mum up on the lovely North Coast of New South Wales. After hearing about the searing temps we were having down here in Sydney, I was pleased to be feeling the sea breezes. I hope everyone stayed safe and away from fires.

I managed to even get some knitting done, halfway through my Scarf Exchange scarf (looking mighty fine with my own design if I do say so myself) and finished one of my Go With the Flow socks from IK Spring 2005 (I think it was spring?) I love it, and have to get going on it's partner soon else I get stricken with one-sock-itis. Butterfly is, ahem, uh, um... sitting in a bag somewhere like the naughty (evil) thing it is. I think I will have to take that with me on the first business trip when I have lots of uninterrupted knitting time. Only something that complex will keep my mind off not being home with my boys.

Lastly, I'd like to say a big thankyou to everyone out there in Blogland. I must say I never thought I would have a blog, let alone meet such wonderful, caring, giving people through having one. May you all continue to keep writing and inspiring, everyday I am blown away by the creativity that is out there.


Blogger Stitchingmum said...

So glad you're back!! Well, for a bit, anyway!

12:51 am

Blogger Meg said...

aw, shucks, we're glad you have a blog too...

3:54 pm

Blogger jussi said...

where have I been???

where are you going for 5 weeks and why??? tell us more

and we're glad that you blog too (and knit socks)

10:17 am


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