Friday, March 31, 2006

The other white meat

Due to the lack of knitting going on around here at Chez Bear, I will distract you with my other love.


More accurately, cooking books. (and we will not mention the fact that the top shelf is bowing under the weight.)

I love to cook. Let me rephrase that, I love to cook when I have time. When I don't have a toddler hanging off me (can't wait till he's old enough to help), when I don't have to scope out my local chinese supermarket for tamarind root or some obscure ingredient. I like it to use what I have in the cupboard, I don't want to go get more. Unless the time is there, then I can make the list, browse the deli, cruise the supermarket. When we have friends coming over for something special I love to spend a day creating a masterpiece, love it. But these days, time does not allow for such luxuries, so I pour over my lovelies (seen here in their neatened rows) (which I just fixed before I took this photo, can't have it looking like a dogs breakfast like it usually does now can I?). I love my Jamies, my Nigellas, my Donnas especially off the shelf by Donna, I likey the sound of Off The Shelf.

There is one small problem though. Out of the million and one cookbooks I own... I don't actually eat much of it. Yes, I am a fuss pot of the highest calibre. Green vegies? I'll only eat snowpeas (or mangetout for our UK friends). I'll eat most meats, except duck just because I can see them down at the local pond. I expect that if I lived on a farm I would be a very thin vegetarian So I browse my food porn, looking at the gorgeous pictures. Desserts on the other hand, I have no problems with. Oozy triple choc thing that looks like it might make your teeth fall out if you eat it? I'm there in an instant. Giant creamy cakes? I'll have five (but only if it's not that nasty mock cream stuff, make mine real cream thanks). Mmmmm, I'm hungry now.


Blogger celia said...

gee! I didn't know you were such a picky eater! Is that how you kep yourself so slim?! Maybe I shd stop eating allvegies apart from snow peas too ;)

4:36 pm


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