Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thunderbirds are go

It is all action all the time here. Since my bout of E.O.P.C many decisions have been made, many projects have been started... none finished yet but hey it's a start.
Firstly, months ago you may remember I received a large bag of fleece straight off some lovely merinos back. Well, this weekend (cause what else does one do when they have 4 days of eating choc... uh I mean public holidays) I got around to washing some.
Some befores

Mmm doesn't that look like a nice bath you want to soak in for a few hours...

And some afters.

I think I may be washing it for a while because this lot didn't even make a dent on the HUGE PILE of fiber.
When I first spun it it was unwashed and came out brown. After 3 washes (3!!) it has shown me it's true colours.

A dent was made, however, in Starksy. I'm powering through it, finished the back

and onto the front. I am seriously concerned about it's size though (as my psychic powers told you a couple of posts back).

I finally finished spinning up a huge bag of merino I bought when I first started spinning, so I decided to make a jumper for Little Man out of it (pattern yet to be confirmed. Well I can't go using all my knitting brain power all at once can I? Too many decisions make me faint.) White is not the most suitable colour for a child who's best friend is dirt and muck, so I'm going for a deep red (looking decidedly pink in this shot). I dyed that up this morning.

Also I found my Mickey Mouse watch that I had as a child. It has no bands so what a perfect way to do Wendy's Boogie Time for Little Man! Excited about starting that one.

And the biggest most exciting news. I was pondering what else to knit a few nights back (as you do when you have a few hours to fill in before your favourite trash TV shows start) and DH said to me 'aren't you going to make me some bed socks?'

Wha? Huh? uhh... eh?

He has NEVER asked me for socks. NEVER!!! So, excited little worker bee me dashed off to the stash all a blather, dashed back again, grabbed DH saying 'you have to choose the yarn' to him while dragging him back to the stash. He kept finding the cheapy, acrylic stuff while I slowly edged him towards the delights of angora. So deep purple and beige it is. I'm so excited!


Anonymous Donni said...

My husband just laughs if I offer to make him socks....

4:18 pm


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