Friday, April 21, 2006

Sydney chickas

Just a quick one to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just using my free time lately to knit like a crazy woman (pics to come tomorrow) and to let the Sydney ladies know that there is a knitting morning tomorrow at Rubi & Lana's in Gordon (in the arcade that joins to the station carpark). Around 11 till 2ish, only a few of us go so would be great to see some new faces. Also gives you a chance to check out Rubi & Lana's gorgeous store (and I hear Paula has some new stock for us to fondle look at).


Anonymous Donni said...

How often do you meet for that? I think I will have to come to the next one! But SnB in Wollongong is on soon too - hint hint

8:31 pm

Anonymous marti said...

sounds like so much fun! and your nice clean fleece looks very lovely.

12:13 am

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Bloody Hell! Every time I go to comment Donni always seems to have commented first!! She's totally addicted that Girl I tell you!! I probably wouldn't notice except that I know her. lol Any way I wish to say - how cute that your hubby asked you for bedsocks. If mine asked me to knit something for him (instead of me deciding he needs a something orother now) I'd be so chuffed!! AND HOw foul are those sheep - Spinning uunwashed and carded fleece has to be one oft he most disgusting things I reckon. Sheep is all greasy and full of wee and poo and Alpaca is all dusty and full of straw and seeds. Erk Erk EWrk, Give me beautiful carded sliver anyday .... having said that I do have half a lovely raw grey fleece waiting patiently for me to spin. You have been on such a roll- the spinning and the washing and the FAB starsky and the socks... Oh and one more thing I will come to your knitting day are Ruby and Lanas one day - It would be just great to meet you guys. Cheers Shaz aka Stripey

8:09 am

Blogger Meg said...

oops! I read this too late to do anything about it...must remember to resurface more frequently!

7:47 pm


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