Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who'd have thunk it?

Soon we are off to Ikea (I cannot go too long before I hear the call of all things cheap and Swedish) to get this for Little Man. The Big Move to the Big Bed is on. And strangely enough, my mind has wandered to... quilting. I know, I'm astounded too. Not only because it will involve making peace with the Singer (I'm thinking of following Grumperina's road to sewing machine bliss), but also because I'm not usually a big fan of quilts. To me they scream COUNTRY DRIED FLOWER ARRANGMENTS and HOME SWEET HOME TEDDY BEAR IKYNESS in a very unladylike way. Alison's beautiful quilts quickly dismissed these images from my mind, and seeing yarnstorm's gorgeous daily dose of fabric lovliness, I have decided to give it a go. Of course, most people when starting a new craft would do something small, manageable, something that won't be cast by the wayside at the first sign of sewing machine hatred trouble. Me? May I remind you of my first lace garment? Butterfly. Hardly a beginners lace knit. First pair of adult socks? Go With The flow. So it stands to reason that my first quilting project should be a single bed cover. Quite logical really.

I have FINALLY finished my Paralympics Knit (cause at least it's finished before those are over), I will get to blocking it when we get home. We leave the UK tomorrow for sunny Dubai, I'm looking forward to visiting a souk or 4, most probably the gold souk and I hear there is a amazing fabric souk (with maybe some yarn to be found, one can hope) (or maybe some unusual fabric I can use on a quilt) (god help me like I need another thing to spend money on).


Blogger Meg said...

is it time for an intervention???
just kidding, I'm sure you will make a lovely quilt for the big kid's bed! Take lots of photos in the souks please.

9:33 am

Blogger Deblogger said...

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