Thursday, March 23, 2006

Aren't they for ladies?

I have a confession to make....

I don't get shawls.

Not that I don't understand them, I know what they are and what they are about. But, really, aren't they for like, grown ups? You know those glamourous ladies with lots of money with houses in Tuscany who use them to keep the chill out as the wind comes over the olive trees? I know, SO MANY people knit them, and they really are beautiful. But do you actually wear them? And where do you wear them to? I dunno, I just can't see them working with my Bonds t-shirt, cargo pants and sneakers down at the local Woolies.

Something that will work though is my International Scarf Exchange scarf from my pal Marti It is gorgeous, Branching Out from Knitty in Cherry Tree Hill Alpaca in Java . I love it, and amazing matches nicely with the colours I am wearing today!

Also in the scarf department, my truly gorgeous mum weaved this for me for my birthday, I'm not sure of the yarns but I has a silk/wool combo in there (I think maybe from Jo Sharp) and another yarn with a hint of sparkle. She has just started weaving with one of those looms you hang off the door handle (which I suspect is the same as what Donni is using too) and she's going great guns. I love it to bits, and it will go fab with my vintage coat I got in Melbourne.

I had spinning class last night which was great fun as always. I spun up some of my new stuff, mainly the silk caps and tried (and I do stress, tried here) the soy. Silk was lots of fun, how tough is that stuff!! All that yanking about will build muscles that's for sure. And the soy, lets just say that my teacher thinks it can't be spun without being blended. It was HARD, too much spin and it snaps, too little and it falls apart. I know sounds like most fibre, but there is a very fine line between too much and too little with this stuff. So I'm thinking a nice merino/bamboo blend might be the way to go. An adventure to say the least.

Still no joy in the what to make next quandary. I would love to make Starsky and it means I can get an order from Knitpicks - any one want to go in? I have a friend in the States who I might lean on for some postage services (unbeknownst to her, hi Kathryn!) I don't think I could do it any cheaper with yarn from Oz. And I might do some bed socks for the Little Man, much like the ones I did for him when he was smaller cause they rocked. And I can use some of my stash for it, a huge plus.

Sock it to me Summer is still rockin' on, even though it's, uh, autumn. So we need a new name cause we would like to continue it as it's been lots of fun. So any bright ideas from you crafty chickas out there? My brain is consumed with what to knit next madness.


Anonymous marti said...

i am so tickled that you like the scarf! it looks great with that purple shirt. :)

12:27 pm

Blogger Jessica said...

I don't quite know where I would ever wear a shawl to either, but I still think they are gorgeous and want to make one. It will probably end up sitting on a dresser or something just looking pretty.

12:52 pm

Blogger Stitchingmum said...

Naughty girl, you KNOW I can't resist a KnitPicks offer......

3:07 pm

Blogger celia said...

are you coming to knitting tomorrow? bring some of what you bought on ur holiday :) i know i will turn green with envy, but that's ok.. I can put up with being green for a while. :)

4:05 pm

Anonymous Donni said...

email me Taryn - we can talk (secret knitpicks stuff - I have a yarn pimp over there only too willing to take care of contraband knitpicks stuff and send it to me)....pst - am watching Marquesas after someone else had her fill.

7:13 pm

Anonymous Anne said...

Gorgeous ISE scarf! And I'm so glad someone else feels the same way as I do about shawls - they are fabulously beautiful, but WHEN WOULD I WEAR ONE?! And if I'm nowhere near grown-up enough at the age of 38, I suspect it's never going to happen.

8:55 pm

Blogger Lynne said...

Yeah, shawls. I would wear a small one at work cos the air con gets over excited but shawls do seem rather granny to me...
Oh and Donni has a knitpicks mate? I'd be so in on that!

9:31 am


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