Monday, July 11, 2005


Knitting is a calming pastime; the thru-around-over-thru (or the crazy thing you do with your left hand if you knit continental style - clearly I don't), the click clack, the softness of the yarn.

finding you have a massive lot of piling on a jumper you spent HOURS over after it's first wash and wear? not so calming.

maybe it was the cheap (crappy) yarn?
maybe it was the fact that I made and frogged about 3 jumpers with the same yarn before I made this one?
or maybe this yarn is not meant to be washed, it is meant to be worn stinky style for ever and eternity (so I can wear it in my old age and be the stinky jumper lady)?

whatever the case, here is my lace leaf pullover from the summer IK.

I guess it's a good thing though, it will make me knit another in nice yarn and maybe I'll get the grafting right this time (pppfffttt to grafting in the middle of a jumper)


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