Friday, November 25, 2005

This man is (not) a dentist

So we can't show you his face on blogs, morning DH!

(for those of you who don't remember this ad, see here)
This is my first knitted article made from my very own handspun! How cool is it that I can say 'I not only knitted this but SPUN it too!' Ahhh, it's the little things.

Next up I might do Bubby although since it is so teeny tiny (more suited to a newborn than my almost 2 year old) I might do it on thicker yarn and see if I can't make it a big bigger.

Also on the to do list, a scarf for my exchange pal. I'm thinking I might make use of the book my fab SP Lu sent. I might have a look through and choose a purty cable pattern and adapt it to a scarf. Ohh clever, watch out kiddies, she's on fire!

More on the (ever growing) to do list, socks for the KAL Alison and I are hosting. If you too are looking forward to a summer of sweating all over your knitting, at least do something less sweat inducing! Come along and join in!
I think I might do Go with the Flow from IK, the 2nd coming. (First attempt: try socks for first time, use scrap yarn, get to the tough bit (heel shaping) promptly run out of yarn. Yes, well.) As to what yarn, I haven't decided, you'd think I would be spoilt for choice (ohh what a crafty plug) but alas it is for looking only, not for using. You can't understand how tempting this is, having it sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME everytime I sit at my computer.

Hope everyone in Sydney is coping with the big wet. How much fun is it keeping toddlers happy inside when they look longingly out the window at the P-A-R-K (cause you know you can't actually SAY the word, you have to spell it) across the road say 'park' ALL DAY LONG.

on the third attempt, she CURSES blogger for it's stupidity and finally gets a post up.
even more blogger stupidity, it seems to have lost my previous post &*(^$@


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