Friday, November 18, 2005

Spinning Class

I had lots to take for spinning class last night - I was undecided what I wanted to spin, so I was taking the lot

some yummy fiber (corridale and mohair) from the lovely Alison

even more from Alison (some merino and the blue is english leicester and romney)

my own small selection from the large bag of 5kgs merino (complete with dirt and sheep poo. Nice)

And here is how much I got done.

Looks kinda like it hasn't changed from the last time I took a pic eh?

Well that would be because it hasn't. Not one bit.


Well that would be because my DH was stuck down the coast waiting for someone else to drive him home so he could get home in time to look after Little Man so I could go to class. He got home at 7.30, I was meant to be there at 7. It takes half an hour to drive there.

Not happy Jan.

And neither was DH, it wasn't his fault but he felt so bad, bless him. But there is always next week.

As promised here is some photos of the treats that arrived for me this week, lots of it in the pics above (all the fiber from Alison, along with some soap that I didn't take a picture of as it's all gooey in my shower).

These are the Knit Picks sample cards (also from Alison) that I have been pouring over, I LOVE the Andean Treasure, I'd love to do Union Square Market Pullover with it but the gauge is totally different. Also the Elegance is gorgeous, I reckon I could swim in the Ambrosia and the Panache they are so soft, the Shine is divine, I think I want it all. Actually, maybe not all - the Palette is a bit blah. Feh about the colours, it feels a bit harsh too.

Also arriving on my doorstep (in the hands of Celia

How cute are they! My very own Orange Bear stitch markers! (without the fuzz). I love em. Thanks everyone for the lovely gifties!


Blogger Elisabeth said...

That blue is going to be awesome to spin, lucky you! :-)

12:31 am


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