Sunday, November 13, 2005

5kgs of fun

Last Thursday (such good timing, right before spinning class) a 5kg bag of fleece landed on my doorstep.

Oh my.

The story goes like this. Friends of ours who we know thru a car club we belong to have a sheep farm. We have known them for at least a couple of years, we see them at events and DH chats to them frequently on the net. Now DH has been watching me spin for a few months now, looking on ebay for fleece, asking around about spinning classes, and did he think to tell me in that time that these friends of ours have a sheep farm? Did he?? Well, what do you reckon?

A week ago, 'oh yeah, such and such have a sheep farm, I'm sure they could get you some wool.....'

Well did I jump on that piece on information like a kid in a candy store (I did have a much funnier and somewhat cruder analogy, but thought I should be civialised). 'why did you never tell me this?' I demanded 'email him' I pleaded.

The outcome? A not at all expected, but very much appreciated big ol' bag of fleece.

So off to spinning class I trot, small sample of dirty fleece in hand, thinking I'll find out how to wash it and I come home with this:

No need to wash now, my teacher said, spin away, she cried. And so I did.

Sorry I took that photo at night, tomorrow I should get out and take it in the sunlight so you can see it better. But it is a lovely colour, and so fine! I very pleased.

The mailman has been nice to me this week, setting lots of nice pressies down on my doorstep. But I will take pictures tomorrow in the daylight to do them all justice.

You will notice that the 5% of Butterfly that I have noted in my sidebar has not changed in a few days. There are 2 very good reasons for that. They would be 'Star Trek' and 'watching while knitting'. I would advise you not to partake in these 2 things at the same time as they may result in a small problem called 'suddenly not enough stitches on the needles and oh my god where did they go don't tell me I have to frog the Kid Silk Haze I think I need a lie down'.


Blogger Elisabeth said...

Ooooh! What kind of fleece is that? It looks like Shetland but of course I'm biased in that area. How lucky you are to have all that to play with! Enjoy. :-)

11:47 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Taryn, Lucky you!! I love the idea of spnning fleece much more than I love spinning it - Its so dirty. I've got about 2.5 kgs of fleece to spin at the moment. Its so fragrant!! Have fun, yours looks pretty fine well done!! :-)

7:10 am

Blogger celia said...

It did come out really fine. Have you spun any more? What is it going to be turned into?


10:54 am


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