Friday, November 11, 2005

Spoilt rotten

A big thankyou is going out to my fab SP - Lucia (whom I'm guessing is lux2night? did I guess right??) I received a big ol' box this morning full of FAB goodies.

A big skein of kettle dyed merino from malabringo in stone blue
4 balls of hemp yarn (wowee hemp! I've not knitted with hemp before!)
a fab book '100 more afghan squares to knit'
and a gorgeous reindeer book for the Little Man

Thank you SO MUCH for making this a wonderful experience, being my first SP I've thoroughly enjoyed it!

Off to decide what to knit with all the wonderful goodies...


Blogger celia said...

Oh you ARE spoilt rotten!
Do I get to fondle the Malabringo yarn next week?


12:06 pm

Blogger Lu said...

Yes, you guessed right, it's me, lux2night from the Knitty Board, aka Lu - you know, Lucia is way too long so everybody calls me Lu :-)

I really enjoyed being your SP, I really had a blast shopping for you.

I love Malabrigo and I thought you would enjoy something different like the hemp.

I am looking forward to see what you make out of it!

5:34 am

Anonymous Rachel said...

What a great SP gift! You lucked out girl! Enjoy!

4:54 pm


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