Sunday, November 06, 2005

So I couldn't wait

I had to show you the pics of the latest batch of spinning now.

It's not perfect, but I LOVE it. The imperfections are what makes it, arty you see (that's what I'll keep telling myself).


Blogger Elisabeth said...

Oooh, freshly spun yarn.
Have fun with the dyeing!

11:06 pm

Blogger celia said...

oh beautiful! you'll have to bring it to spinning class on Thursday. Let me know if you wat to carpool!


11:10 pm

Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Oh yes! The inmperfections make it arty - That is my mantra too!! Also I should enjoy the slubby bits because when I get good it will be hard to do them like that - Kerry my spinning teacher tells me that! It looks great what is it? Merino? Corriedale? A blend? :-) Stripey

7:37 am


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