Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Another year, another Melbourne Cup. And once again I get to view it all a mere 500m from the track... in a stuffy demountable on a tiny monitor.

Every year I chuckle at the behaviour of the patrons at Flemington; they arrive all dollied up, have spent a fortune on the dress/shoes/hat/fake tan (and girls, fake tan that makes you look orange is SO not a good look), and they leave with said shoes in hand, stumbling drunkenly into the wake of oncoming traffic, being held up by their boyfriends who are in a state not dissimilar from their own. Sadly we did not get much of a show this year, everyone seemed very well behaved on their way out the gates, I think owing to the 32 degrees heat they were quaffing water rather than Moet.

So 2 more race days to go, I'm really looking forward to the end so I can get back to my own home, sleep in my own bed, see my doggie, do some spinning, do some knitting (with the patterns I left at home) and generally relax. 3 weeks off till my next job and I'm feeling like I need a break right about now. Next week I'm going to indulge in some girly pursuits in preparation for my close friends wedding which I am a bridesmaid at. A leg wax and a manicure is DEFINITELY in order, I don't think my friend would enjoy amazon woman preceding her down the aisle.

On a sad note, Little Man had his first ouch today - he tripped up the stairs and hit is chin (he's a L plate walker, but will be awarded his P's shortly at the rate he's going). My poor Little Man, but he's a tropper, saying 'chin!' and pointing to it when I got home today.


Blogger Leeanne said...

I like your blog. I too lived in Sydney at the Rocks. Now in W'gong.

I hope your little man doesnt bruise to badly.

5:44 pm

Blogger knitabulous said...

Oh Taryn,
I aspire to being one of those girls one day. Spring racing is my favourite excuse for a frock, a hat, a fake tan and a ton of champagne!!!
Did you recieve anything from me in the post?

2:50 pm

Blogger jussi said...

oh poor wee thing...I still remember my first daughter's first "baddie" 18 years ago...
dates me huh!
hope he feels better

4:55 pm


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